Client love 

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venita stylist

“Stephanie helped me to organize my brand messages and learn all the tips and tricks in building my Squarespace business website. She even showed me how to customize my existing website to make it more unique (huge plus)! During our meetings together, I wrote pages of descriptive notes on how to build my site and make it user friendly. Stephanie is extremely detailed and communicative. Her ability to explain clear and concise step-by-step instructions was the root of how I was able to complete my website within 2 weeks. I highly recommend Steph Woods Design to any creative, business owner or perfectionist out there! I am one of them and so thankful for her help!"



“Stephanie is a branding guru! She helped me find clarity around my ‘why’ - which then lead directly to clearer visual branding. Her design sense is minimal, sophisticated - and simplified - a PERFECT combo for modern women entrepreneurs. Beyond the visuals, she also helped me get clear about my goals, set my intentions, and get really define action steps to take to get me there. I highly recommend her!”



THE karat school project

As a non profit organization it was important for us to work with a web designer that will take a heart felt approach to our projects. Stephanie took her time to learn about not just what we do but most importantly who we serve. Her genuine heart and love for the children we serve can be seen and felt all through our website and our logo. She has lovingly and generously helped us advocate for our cause through her work. 


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